FCR (Fuji Film Computed Radiography)

Fuji Film Inc. had develped digital imaging procedure of X-ray images for the first time in 1981, and named it Fuji Computed Radiography (FCR).
The imaging plate (IP) is used as the detector of X-ray images insted of usual X-ray film or screen, and the X-ray imaging data saved in the IP will be digitalized. The digitalization of X-ray data can always provide stable, clear and high-quality images, so the diagnostic accuracy can be improved by the image processing according to its purpose and regions.
The X-ray data are saved in the Imaging Plate (IP). The data can be output to the film (by dry imager) and/or monitor soon, and the data can be saved in the storage such as the hard disk and DVD etc.
The Imaging Plate with the automatic sensitivity controland the image processing by the workstation provides clear and high-quality images of various regions such as bones, fat, muscles and lung etc. The FCR doesn't need a darkroom, so it is easy to operate.

The following photos are the equipments of FCR of our clinic.

From the left, the core of the FCR, server and monitor in the consultation room, another monitor in the examination room

Please check Fuji Film website if you are interested in the up-to-date medical imaging system.