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From March 2005, our consultation hours on Saturday changes from 9AM - 2PM to 9AM -1 PM.

1. Common Cold Syndrome
2. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) has been settling down at last in 2003.
3. Allergic rhinitis (hay fever) will continue all through a year.
4. You can undergo the examination of bone mineral density at our clinic.

Bone mineral density is related with osteoporosis, easy fracture and lumbar pain etc, and these symptoms can be reduced by treatment. The early medication is effective. @

5. The Dietetics and Food.

@1. n-3 fatty acid and Health
@2. The Dietary Fiber and Health
@3. The Relation Between the Trace Elements and Various Diseases.

6. Please pay attention to food poisoning in rainy season in Japan.

7. Please ask about medical checkup and periodical medical examination as the Industrial Health
Prevention against various diseases is very important for not only health care but for detection of various diseases in its eary stage. Especially, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and hypertension which are called lifestyle-related illness don't show their symptoms in the early stage, and when you feel some symptoms they may be the symptoms of the complications. The complications mean the deterioration of the diseases.
Gastric cancer rates have decreased recently, but we sometimes diagnose this disease. There are many cancers such as colon cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer and pancreas cancer etc., however, if these diseases are diagnosed in their early stage, their cure rate will become very high. So the medical checkup and periodical medical examination are very useful. Our clinic offers the short course medical checkup of the short course. You can undergo
blood and urine examination which show liver function and renal function etc including lipid in blood such as cholesterol and triglyceride etc, chest X-ray examination, ultrasound examination for abdomen, ECG and stomach check by Barium method or gastric fiberscopy etc in the morning. Upon your consent, we can provide the following diagnosis for colon cancer and liver cancer etc. by tumor markers, and hepatitis virus check by blood, and you can undergo image diagnosis for colon diseases by Bariumenema or Colonfiberscopy (Sigmoidscopy at our clinic) for in a short time (but you need to take special meal on the day before the examination).

Please consider the periodical physical checkup at lease once a year.

8. Vaccination for flu <the influenza> is possible.

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Introduction of The International Voluntary ActivityFASSCA

Dr. Hidenori Murakami and Dr. Tomoko Murakami have continued the support to control schistosomiasis, a kind of serious parasitic disease, at the endemic area in Jiangxi and Sichuan in China as a voluntary work for more than 10 years. We plan to expand our efforts to Laos and other countries in Asia from now. Please access ASSCA's homepage and give us your opinion and cooperation.G

The Group for Aid to Study of Schistosomiasis in China and Asian Countries

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