Introduction of Our Clinic

Facilities for Examination
Endoscopic examination for the upper gastro-intestinal series (esopahgus, stomach, dudenum), Endoscopic examination for clon, ultrasonography, X-ray equipment (general X-ray examination for chest, abdomen and bones, Barium method, various examination with contrast materials etc.), Electrocardiogram (24 hours ECG)

We currently use the electric endoscope for these several years. This is the fiberscope with CCD (digital camera) at the top-end. We can observe and dignose details of stomach disorders (esophagus, duodenum etc) by the monitor outside, and we can use a DVD recorder to record the images. This allows us to provide a video interpretation of the endoscopy soon after the examination, and archival of images for future reference. We use a thin type fiberscope in order to reduce discomfort as much as possible. Recently, we have got new electric endoscope equipment (right photo). The caliber of the fiberscope with fine CCD camera is only 5.9mm, so it can be inserted through nasal cavity easily. The advantages of the nasoesophageal endoscope are that the patient will feel almost no reflex of nausea because the fiberscope does not touch the root of the tongue, and that the patient can talk during examination so the patient can ask questions watching another display, so that the patients will feel easy. Of course, the caliber of our gastrofiberscope through oral cavity is thin, too. Its diameter is 9.8mm (thin type), so it is not so uncomfortable.

Ultrasonography is very useful to diagnose various disorders of the gall bladder, liver, pancreas, kidney and spleen etc. It is easy to diagnose cholelithiasis and urolithiasis, and it is possible to diagnose very small liver cancer. A person with diabetes tends to have pancreas diseases such as chronic pancreatitis and pancreas cancer etc as complications. Pancreatitis, especially alcoholic pancreatitis is one of the cause of diabetes. So we recommend to undergo periodical examination. Also, ultrasonography is useful for diagnose thyroid disorders, breast diseases, and disorders of uterus and ovary. It is also used to diagnose cardiac valvular diseases and measurement of blood flow. We have got full-digital ultrasound equipment now. We can easily diagnose not only diseases of abdominal organs but breast tumors, thyroid diseases, superficial masses such as lymphnodes and carotid artery diseases etc with color doppler method.


X-ray examination includes chest and bone X-ray films well known as common X-ray examination, the upper gastro-intestinal examination with taking Baruin materials by mouth and Bariumenema by injecting barium into colon directly. Also CT, MRI and PET etc are used to get more information for diagnosis and treatment. We have some affiliated hospitals where we can order these examinations rapidly and hospitalization if it is necessary.

Facilities for Treatment
Microwave Local Thermotherapy (Right side equipment)

This equipment is similar to the Embrace, but this warms local area of the body by only microwave. For example, it is used to just neck, shoulder, knee joint and back. Microwave is very low power and it is not harmful for human body when it is used properly (This is approved as a medical equipment), and it stimulates blood circulation then it reduces pain and muscle contraction.

Left side equipment is the hemocytes caluculator, and it is very useful for diagnosis of anemia, and give an easy examination to distinguish viral infectious diseases from bacterial infectious diseases soon.

※ The equipment for the thermotherapy to the whole body using Embrace III expired in April.

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